The Best Internet Services For Your Home


Most households spend $4000 to $5000 annually on their telecommunications services. We invite you to take our free Telecom Assessment and we will respond with our estimate of how much you can reduce these costs. Our specialty is working with clients to drive that cost down to the $1000/year range by focusing on these 5 key areas:
Video/TV Services
Currently under $15/month provides 2000+ channels AND the latest sports, movies and TV series ON DEMAND. This is a major reduction from what the Big 3 are currently charging.
Internet Service
With the latest changes to telecom rulings, internet service is now available for $35 - $50/month with unlimited usage. A major reduction from the Big 3.
Celluar Services
Separate the cost of the cell phone from the wireless services for that phone. New cell phones (if needed) can be purchased at record low prices and wireless services are available in the $30 - $40/month range with unlimited nation-wide calling and free international messaging.
Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS)
Reduce or eliminate POTS costs by converting to a voice over internet service in the $5/month range or by forwarding calls to existing cell phones.
Security Services
Internet cameras can be installed to provide home security with live monitoring of activities both inside and outside your home at no monthly cost.
Web Sites:
If you run a small business, we can create specialized web sites for you and provide email and credit card processing functionality. We specialize in web sites for artists who want to sell their products on-line.