The Best Internet Services For Your Home

Video/TV Services:

The latest technology to deliver video and TV content to the home is called IPTV or Internet Protocol Television. It is similar to existing cable or telecom TV services with three major differences.

The first difference is the breadth of content. IPTV usually delivers thousands of channels, some from around the world, in various languages, including sports, movies, and live TV.

The second difference is reliability. Existing cable and telecom TV services provide a stable service with minimal outages while IPTV suffers from the vagaries of the internet. So you have to expect occassional outages, program freezes (called buffering), and content changes.

Despite these issues, users love the IPTV service due to its third major difference - cost. IPTV usually costs a tenth to a twentieth of the cost of a cable or telecom TV service. The process of moving from the big telecom TV providers to this low cost service is called "cutting the cord".

To ease the process of cutting the cord, we are offering a stable IPTV service that provides Canadian, US, UK, and international content. Currently it offers 16000 TV channels in 155 categories (including sports), 40,000 on-demand movies in 21 categories, and 180,000 TV series episodes. It also includes an onscreen EPG (electronic program guide).

The service costs $5 CDN per month for each TV Box connection. Service coats are payable in advance for 3 months at a time. Payment is made via INTERACT e-Transfer - your credit card is not used.

To use this service you will need to use one of our TV boxes for every TV in your home. Our boxes sell for $55 CDN and include cables, remote control, shipping, and setup fees. For the TV Box to access all this content and offer quality TV service, it needs direct connection to an internet router that can provide at least 25 Mps speed - WiFi cannot provide sufficient speeds.

The process set up your IPTV service has three steps: Registration, Payment, and Connection.

Step 1 - IPTV Service Registration